Design Challenge Winners


We are very proud to award Team Pracademics as the winners of the first AfriCHI Design Challenge.The team presented a solution that well understood the problem, took advantage of unique local resources and technologies in use.

Congratulations again Rehema Baguma, Susan Dray, Laura Cheptegei and Shaimaa Lazem !

We also thank Microsoft Research India for being one of the sponsors for the ADC prizes. Each winner received a Raspberry Pi kit.

Pracademics’ presentation can be downloaded here:

About the AfriCHI Design Challenge (ADC)

Unlike other ACM SIGCHI conferences, we run the design challenge differently. Instead of students taking part remotely and before the conference, we held the design challenge during AfriCHI. AfriCHI is about building bridges and breaking barriers, and therefore we wanted to take advantage of the diverse experiences, backgrounds, knowledges and cultures that were collocated at AfriCHI.

Participants formed teams and were presented with the design challenge on the second day of the conference. We encouraged participants to form teams that were representative of the diversity at the conference. Therefore, participants were encouraged to form teams with those not from their country or university. During this session, participants were introduced to the judges, who also served as mentors. Participants were given two days to work on the challenge.

The Question

ADC participants received the following instructions:

You are required to design a solution that supports individuals in Nairobi in navigating the city at night or during times of civilian unrest. In your solution, you are required to think about the challenges faced by people who commute at night such as insecurity, muggings etc. Your solution should leverage and integrate technologies currently used by your target users, and should reflect new and emerging technologies in or from Africa.

Emphasis should be put on applying the knowledge gathered during the design challenge training that you already attended. Your final presentation should show:

– An understanding of the problem and the users

– Field research conducted

– The processes you followed to design the prototype ( field research, ideation, prototyping, user testing etc)

– A design prototype

– Challenges you faced in the design process

Also, ensure you clearly demonstrate how your solution addresses the design challenge.


The ADC final presentations will be held in Hotel Kempinski on Thursday, 24th September, 2016 from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm in room Fedora 5.

Each team will have 20 minutes to present their deliverables.


– Presentation

– Prototype

Restaurants near Chiromo campus

Hi AfriCHI attendees!

For the first three days of the conference, we will not provide lunch. However, there are lovely restaurants in the Westlands area where you can walk to, take a matatu to or Uber / EasyTaxi to.

We have complied a list of a few around Chiromo campus. Additionally, you can search for restaurants near you on and .


This is a Brazilian Steak house located next to the Viking house in Westlands, it is approximately 0.8 kilometers from the conference venue. 

Fogo Gaucho operates on a fixed price of 20$ for all you can eat. It is spacious and ambient for any kind of person.

They offer picanha, beef with garlic, chicken legs, grilled prawn, pork leg, crocodile meat, lamb leg, top sirloin, pork ribs, beef ribs, pork sausages, beef sausages, beef hump, turkey, sirloin steak, fish fillet.

There are also salads and chilled drinks as well as starches to take with the steak. All you can eat for 20$



This is located on riverside 14 very near UoN. They serve rice, noodles, chicken, prawns and duck and various soups. A lunch can cost from 1050 shillings for chicken and rice up to 2050 shillings for prawns.



This is located on riverside 14 very near UoN. Dishes for lunch include: steak teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, salmon teriyaki, shrimp & vegetable tempura, chicken katsu, general tso’s chicken, chicken & broccoli, sweet & sour chicken, Asian curry chicken, vegetable stir-fry, beef negimaki and kimchee chicken. The prices for lunch range from 550 shillings to 2000 shillings.



This diversified restaurant which caters for vegies too. It is located just 0.5 kilometers from the conference site. Serves Italian, Indian, Chinese, and many other cuisines. A lunch at Chowpaty ranges from 600 shillings to 1000 shillings.



Royal Kitchen multi-cuisine restaurant is located within Pride Inn Hotel. Every Royal Kitchen Restaurant offers delicious meals with a mouthwatering A-La-carte menu of up to 400 items to sample from. A variety of Chinese food such as chicken lollipop with honey, Indian foods such as Mutton Sheikh Kebab roll, Continental foods such as Grilled pepper steak, Italian foods such as fungi tripolatti, different international cuisines, our homemade delicious barbecue , various juices and milkshakes just to mention a few. The menu is not available but they can be contacted on 0737-999110 or 0729-866956 for booking.



It’s a modern yet affordable place for lunch. They serve an amazingly wide variety of food for as low as 5$. The environment is serene and accessible. Urban eatery is located on Waiyaki Way near Westlands round-about. The menu is so wide that there should be no worry about what food you are going to find there.



This is located on riverside 14 very near UoN. Beef, local fish, Chicken, Pasta, rice, spaghetti, pork and many more. The range of prices for the above foods is from 1500 shillings to 3500 shillings.



This is located on riverside 14 very near UoN. Thai chicken wings with peanut sweet chilli sauce 850

Chicken winglets, crispy shallots and house BBQ sauce 850, Braised beef short ribs biting with cabernet sauvignon sauce 950, Slow, Slow, Slow-Cooked Pork Belly with Soy-Sesame- Ginger Glaze 700, Trilogie Hamburger – Beef, Chicken, Lamb and spicy potato wedges 1000,  with Miso-Wakame Mayonnaise, Marinated Spanish olives with lemon, basil and roasted garlic 450

Beef skewers with coconut and red chili, toasted peanut sauce 950, Chickpea Panisse, fritters, sweet pepper relish and lemon garlic aioli 650, Cheese fondue with chunky potatoes and truffle oil 950, Crispy fried onion rings with cheese dip and bacon powder 850, Squid Ink seafood paella fritters, citrus breading with roasted garlic aioli 1200. All prices are in shillings.




Located on the Ground Floor, National Museums Of Kenya, Museum Hill. This is just a 10 min walking distance from the conference venue. There is a wide variety of food offered for lunch at the café, includes chicken, mushroom, fish, vegetables, pasta toast with garlic, grilled whale tilapia, rice, paprika chicken, pork and many more. The prices are amazingly low ranging from 790 to 890 shillings.



A restaurant dedicated to offer seafood to residents in Nairobi. It is located in the Oval in Westlands. They have a very wide selection of seafood. Prawn Tempura Roll (4 pieces) 450

A seaweed roll _lled with rice, avocado and Tempura (fried in batter) seafood topped with

Sweet chili sauce

 Andy’s Mari Mari Sashimi 950

Thin slices of Salmon Sashimi in Yuzu & Teriyaki sauce, topped with Ginger and Spring Onion Tempura Prawn Star Roll (4 pieces) 750

Spicy California Roll, inside out topped with Tempura Prawn and Teriyaki Sauce Seared Tuna Roll Mops (4 pieces) 700

Thinly sliced raw Red Tuna _lled with Avocado, Cucumber, Spicy Mayo and Red Onions Red Roof Platter (8 pieces) 750

Vegetable California Roll topped with Red Tuna, Spring Onions and Sesame

Oil Salmon Gift (4 pieces) 700

Salmon Fashion Sandwiches topped with Salmon, Caviar and Spicy Mayo

New Style Rolls for 2 (8 pieces) 1050

4 pieces Salmon Dragon Boat Rolls 4 pieces

Tuna Red Roof Rolls Dragon Boat (8 pieces) 1100

California Rolls topped with Avocado, Red Tuna, Red Caviar and Spicy Mayo

Seared Tuna Sandwich (8 pieces) 1050

Avocado Fashion Sandwiches topped with Seared Tuna, Spring Onion, Teriyaki Sauce and chili




This restaurant serves almost all Chinese food and is located on Westlands road in Westlands, about 0.5 kilometers from Villa Rosa.



These are branches of the famous Java chain of restaurants. These in particular are located about 0.8 kilometers from Villa Rosa and are near filling stations for many other conveniences. Serves Chicken, fish, Mexican roast pork, Burritos, burgers, beef and pork ribs, lamb, fine salads and many more. The prices are 700 and not more than 1500 shillings for a lunch.



This a branch of a trusted chicken retailer in Nairobi. It is located 0.4 kilometers from Villa Rosa. It serves mainly Chicken and French Fries as well as salads for as low as 3.5$. It is a good restaurant for a quick lunch.



Located at the Mirage, just a 30 seconds walk from Villa Rosa is a nice restaurant for all kinds food. They deliver to all customers in Nairobi. Their menu is so wide. Have a look at it here

Remember this is the nearest restaurant from the conference, just walk along Waiyaki Way on your right for 30 seconds.



These restaurants (Main campus and Chiromo) are run by the University of Nairobi, this makes the services of high quality and quite affordable too. An average lunch at Arziki could consist of beef, fish fillet or chicken depending on your taste. All this can be served with your favorite starch ranging from rice, Ugali (Kenyan staple), Irish potatoes to smashed sweet potatoes. There is also a variety of vegetables to choose from as well as chilled drinks in case you get too hot while in Nairobi. The cost as I said earlier isn’t too much. A good lunch only costs 500 shillings (5$).




Located in main campus. Here you will get affordable food because it is also run by the University of Nairobi. There is rice, ugali and potatoes. Beef and Chicken are also offered as well as vegetables. An average lunch here costs about 300 shillings (3$)