Design Challenge Winners


We are very proud to award Team Pracademics as the winners of the first AfriCHI Design Challenge.The team presented a solution that well understood the problem, took advantage of unique local resources and technologies in use.

Congratulations again Rehema Baguma, Susan Dray, Laura Cheptegei and Shaimaa Lazem !

We also thank Microsoft Research India for being one of the sponsors for the ADC prizes. Each winner received a Raspberry Pi kit.

Pracademics’ presentation can be downloaded here:

About the AfriCHI Design Challenge (ADC)

Unlike other ACM SIGCHI conferences, we run the design challenge differently. Instead of students taking part remotely and before the conference, we held the design challenge during AfriCHI. AfriCHI is about building bridges and breaking barriers, and therefore we wanted to take advantage of the diverse experiences, backgrounds, knowledges and cultures that were collocated at AfriCHI.

Participants formed teams and were presented with the design challenge on the second day of the conference. We encouraged participants to form teams that were representative of the diversity at the conference. Therefore, participants were encouraged to form teams with those not from their country or university. During this session, participants were introduced to the judges, who also served as mentors. Participants were given two days to work on the challenge.

The Question

ADC participants received the following instructions:

You are required to design a solution that supports individuals in Nairobi in navigating the city at night or during times of civilian unrest. In your solution, you are required to think about the challenges faced by people who commute at night such as insecurity, muggings etc. Your solution should leverage and integrate technologies currently used by your target users, and should reflect new and emerging technologies in or from Africa.

Emphasis should be put on applying the knowledge gathered during the design challenge training that you already attended. Your final presentation should show:

– An understanding of the problem and the users

– Field research conducted

– The processes you followed to design the prototype ( field research, ideation, prototyping, user testing etc)

– A design prototype

– Challenges you faced in the design process

Also, ensure you clearly demonstrate how your solution addresses the design challenge.


The ADC final presentations will be held in Hotel Kempinski on Thursday, 24th September, 2016 from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm in room Fedora 5.

Each team will have 20 minutes to present their deliverables.


– Presentation

– Prototype

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