Workshops enable participants with similar interests to explore perspectives on specific topics in HCI theory or practice. Workshops take place over 0.5 – 2 days; and can be facilitated in English or another language used in Africa. Abstracts of workshops are reviewed by jury and, if accepted, will be published in the conference proceedings and a widely accessible prestigious online archive.

Chairs: Rehema Baguma, Karin Fröhlich, Victoria Hasheela-Mufeti (
Preparing and Submitting your Workshop Proposal

A workshop submission must be prepared according to the ACM_SigConf template with no more than 4 pages of length and have the following structure:

  • Background: Provide a strong rationale for the workshop covering issues to be addressed and concrete goals of the workshop.
  • Organizers: Present the organizers’ backgrounds and the main contact person.
  • Website: Provide details of the planned website, including the URL.
  • Pre-Workshop Plans: State your plans for recruiting and community-building. Number of Participants: min and max.
  • Workshop Structure: Explain in detail the workshop structure, including activities, timing, and resources.
  • Post-Workshop Plans: State your plans for follow-up and creation of tangible outcomes (e.g., poster presentation, publication of a workshop report, an article for a newsletter or conference).

Call for Participation: Provide a 250-word Call for Participation that will be posted on the conference site to recruit participants for your workshop. This should include the following:

  • The format and goals of the workshop
  • The participant selection criteria
  • Requirements for position papers
  • Where these papers should be submitted
  • A link to the workshop website.
  • References: Please add any relevant references within the 4-page limit.