Partnership with MIT Center for Civic Media

30th June 2016

The MIT Center for Civic Media has partnered with the inaugural Africa Human Computer Interaction Conference (AfriCHI’16) that will take place from 21-25 November 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. The MIT Center for Civic Media Center is a collaboration of the MIT Media Lab and Comparative Media Studies Writing.

AfriCHI’16 is an ACM SIGCHI in-­cooperation conference that brings together practitioners, professionals, scholars  and  students  interested  in  people’s  interactions  with  digital technology  or  media,  who  are African, based in Africa, or undertake/want to work on projects
in Africa or with Africans. We welcome practitioners, professionals, scholars and  students in  all fields and  traditions that consider interactions with  digital  technology.  This  includes  not  only  designers,  engineers  or  analysts  of  software,  hardware and  media  (e.g.  user
experience  or  mobile  application  designers,  information  architects,  usability experts etc.), but also educators in all aspects of digital life; researchers in all disciplines; change-­makers, planners and managers in all sectors including government, NGOs and industries; entrepreneurs, artists, activists; and elders in grassroots/creative collectives.

True to the theme of AfriCHI -Kujenga madaraja, kubomoa vizuizi or Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers – AfriCHI’16 is exploring real-time Internet links with institutions throughout Africa to ensure that people who cannot travel to Kenya can participate in the talks.

The partnership will entail providing conference support in the form of media coverage by partnering students of the Center with the AfriCHI team and conducting joint activities.

AfriCHI’16  welcomes  this  opportunity  to  collaborate  and  looks  forward  to  more  similarly exciting opportunities.

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