Dear HCI authors,

We are very happy to have received a healthy number of Paper and Note submissions for our inaugural AfriCHI conference. We are currently reviewing the submissions and will notify each author on the status of their submission(s) on Wednesday 30th March, 2016.

Additionally, we have received a significant number of requests from authors who wish to submit full papers to AfriCHI, but have missed the submission deadline. This being an inaugural conference, they only received word of AfriCHI after the submission deadline of 10th February 2016. Given our interest in promoting HCI in, from and about Africa, we have decided to open the 2nd round of Paper and Note submissions to new submissions.

This means that papers and notes not submitted in the first round can now submit in the second round without doing the 2-round review process. The submission platform for new submissions will open on 14th April 2016, and close on 27th April 2016.

For fairness however, new papers submitted in the second round will undergo a rigorous accept-reject review process, compared to those submitted in the first round which are undergoing a two-round review process. The two-round review process is tailored to considerably improve papers rather than only judge them.

Those who intend to make a new submission on 27th April 2016 but have minimal writing experience can send their paper/note to the mentoring chairs Hossana and Bukelwa, who will provide some writing mentoring before submission. Hossana and Bukelwa can be reached on . Those in need of mentoring should contact them at least two weeks before the submission deadline.

To access AfriCHI’s submission portal, click here.

For more information on how to submit Papers and Notes kindly visit
The submission deadlines for all tracks are available online at

We look forward to your submissions!

Kagonya Awori and Nic Bidwell
AfriCHI Technical Co-chairs
On behalf of AfriCHI’16 Organising Committee