Kujenga madaraja, Kubomoa vizuizi

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers


Develop and sustain a forum and local expertise for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Interaction Design in Africa.


AfriCHI’s mission is to be a pan-African conference that brings together researchers, academics, practitioners, industry professionals and students who are African, are based in Africa or undertake or collaborate on HCI and Interaction Design projects about Africa. The conference showcases contributions on practical, technical, methodological, empirical and theoretical aspects on all topics related to HCI and Interaction Design from as many African countries as possible.


In inaugurating AfriCHI, our goals include:

  • Consensually develop an ethos and shared vision for AfriCHI that supports African knowledge, practices and aspirations.
  • Promote and advance regional excellence in HCI and interaction design.
  • Increase African participation in HCI scholarship and improve Africans’ contributions to other international fora and publications, such as CHI.
  • Catalyse the development of an Afrocentric HCI curricula
    Promote the visibility of excellence in research in HCI and allied disciplines in African universities and the availability of quality supervision in higher degrees.
  • Inspire African researchers, practitioners, students, and teachers to deepen and extend interaction design and HCI research on Africa.
  • Build a core network of people to develop and sustain AfriCHI bi-annually.
  • Increase opportunities for Africans to communicate more effectively into global HCI.
  • Increase networking, mentoring and collaboration opportunities between African scholars and practitioners, and other communities of ACM SIGCHI.


The conference aims to:

  • Promote collaboration, dialoging and networking opportunities in HCI between International and African scholars, researchers, students, practitioners, and teachers across the sectors.
  • Showcase research, design, methods, tools, and pedagogies already being carried out in Africa
    Increase the visibility of African HCI and interaction design research and practice to the international HCI community and fellow Africans through the conference publications and other fora.
  • Widen participation of Africans in international HCI fora.
    Bring together researchers, practitioners, and industry professionals from across Africa in HCI, interaction design and allied disciplines.
  • Involve representatives from at least 70% of African countries.
  • Increase geographical, cultural and linguistic access to those who cannot easily participate in HCI conferences beyond Africa, and enable those from beyond the continent to engage deeply with perspectives located in Africa.

Thus, AfriCHI seeks to attract participation from a range of disciplines and sectors, including but not limited to User Experience Designers, Information Architects, Software Engineers, Mobile Application Designers/Developers, Human Factors Experts, Information Systems Analysts, Social Scientists, Architects, Engineers, Planners, and scholars and practitioners in creative industries and science and technology studies. AfriCHI will use different strategies to ensure broad access to the conference programme and wide dissemination of its proceedings.