Relevant Topics

AfriCHI’16 is an interdisciplinary conference about all issues that connect people, digital technology and Africa and/or Africans. Topics of interest in all tracks include, but are not limited to, any of the following in relation to Africa/Africans:

Places; people, users or developers; communities or groups; events; every day or unusual phenomena; languages; perspectives; trans-national, cross-cultural or cultural aspects etc.

Meanings, values or experiences
Health, education, governance, citizenship, well-being, designing things that matter, empowerment, ethics, sustainability, privacy, gender and cultural diversity, accessibility, engagement, aesthetics, fun etc.

Techniques, tools or methods for researching, designing, co-designing, evaluating, deploying or using interactive systems, etc.

Mobile devices; multi touch and touchless interaction; Web 2.0 technologies; social media; personal, community and public displays; decentralised (mesh) networks; Big Data; Quantified Self; Internet of Things, etc.

Pedagogies and epistemologies
Teaching, learning or developing capacity in HCI/Interaction Design; Afro-centric research, theory or invention; indigenous or traditional knowledges in HCI/design; post-colonial perspectives etc.

AfriCHI audience

AfriCHI seeks to attract participants from a range of disciplines, sectors and knowledge heritages. These include:

  • user experience designers
  • mobile application designers
  • information architects
  • software engineers
  • human factors experts
  • information systems analysts
  • information architects
  • social scientists
  • digital designers
  • digital artists
  • engineers
  • planners
  • managers
  • scholars and practitioners in creative industries
  • scholars and practitioners in science and technology studies
  • elders
  • NGO practitioners
  • grassroots activists
  • technology entrepreneurs